Marketing and Communications

  • Consumer Activation
    Particularly relevant in the golf and sporting spheres, Azalea has undertaken many projects that provide face-to-face engagement for our clients with consumer targets.

    Projects include setting up national road-shows, implementing consumer golf tournaments, maximising stand appeal at consumer shows and creating the UK’s most innovative and interactive golf competition for Hugo Boss Watches.

  • Content Marketing
    Do you look the part?

    We are here to ensure your product, event or venue is presented in a way that your target consumers engage with. Whether it be organising a photo or video shoot or revamping your website or marketing collateral, we will work with you to make sure your customer-facing content is portraying your brand in the best light.  

Case Studies

  • Tourism Ireland
    Azalea has worked for a number of years in partnership with Tourism Ireland, to promote golf on more
  • Associacao Turismo do Algarve
    Azalea has a long-standing working relationship with the Algarve Tourism Association, and more