Associacao Turismo do Algarve

Azalea has a long-standing working relationship with the Algarve Tourism Association, and thorough knowledge of the golf product in the Algarve. In addition to working for the tourist board, Azalea has a strong client list in the region, representing Quinta do Lago, Monte da Quinta and Onyria Palmares.

Our work for ATA focuses on digital marketing and creative solutions. Although the Algarve is an established European golf destination, it still has to work hard to attract golfers in an increasingly competitive market.

Azalea has implemented pan-European web banner campaigns with a variety of different promotions and partners. These include:

  • James Bond 007 promotion – 7 golfers pay and 1 goes free
  • Golf the Algarve and the first round’s on us – a FREE beer in the airport for golfers (in association with Superbock)
  • “More Golf. Less Wedge” – free golf club carriage with specific airlines

Azalea has also developed digital games for the Algarve (“Fly to the Sun”), and is currently working on a new digital game concept driven through it’s social media channels.

The Algarve is one of the best-established and most popular golf destinations in Europe and the World. One of the Algarve Promotion Bureau’s key responsibilities is to continue to attract the vast number of UK and European golfers who choose the Algarve as their preferred golf holiday destination every year.

Azalea is regularly employed on a special-project basis by the Algarve Promotion Bureau for promotions within the UK and Ireland. Azalea has provided numerous services, including conceptual creative work, design, media buying and placement and acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for coordination and implementation of specific campaigns in print and online platforms. 

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